ICASSP 2019 papers accepted!

ICASSP 2019 papers accepted!

February 01, 2019

Two of our submissions as well as our journal presentation have been accepted for ICASSP 2019 to be held in Brighton, UK in May.

We will present two papers on our work involving:

  1. DoA estimation with a novel bin selection algorithm we call residual energy test (RENT) [Coteli and Hacihabiboglu]
  2. Extension of perceptual soundfield reconstruction (PSR) to three dimensions using rigid spherical microphone array recordings (joint work with University of Surrey and King’s College London) [Erdem, De Sena, Hacihabiboglu, Cvetkovic]

The journal presentation will be about the HiGRID DOA estimation algorithm we published last year. We are planning to open-source the algorithm as a Python package before ICASSP so watch this space!